Cloud Services

The Cloud has been around for quite some time, but do you really know what it is? Or more importantly, how the Cloud could benefit your business or put it at risk? CyBerJaz has the experience and expertise to help you make informed decisions when considering a transition to Cloud Services.

We think of “Cloud Services” (the Cloud) as a marketing term used to describe hardware and software (computing resources) that you access via the Internet. These Internet accessed computing resources can be owned by you and dedicated to your use, or, more commonly, they are owned, hosted and shared by a third-party.

In many cases, the Cloud offers small and medium-sized organizations a compelling upfront and ongoing cost savings over traditional technologies. But, it is not right for every situation, and knowing how to determine if the Cloud is right for your situation is critical.

We help customers make the right Cloud decisions by presenting important information, including the general topics listed below, in a non-technical way:

  • Data security
  • Suitability for your business structure and culture
  • Upfront costs
  • Ongoing costs

Our Cloud Services add value to organizations with different levels of IT support resources: