Network Support

Scheduled and emergency IT services. Whether you are a non-technical business owner or an IT professional, when faced with an IT challenge that calls for skills beyond those your team has the training and experience to confidently handle or you simply require additional manpower – relief is a phone call away with CyBerJaz Network Support on your team.

Having CyBerJaz Network Support on your team means the technology expertise, experience and leadership you may need from time to time is just a phone call away. CyBerJaz will "deliver" any time your technology requires attention. You can schedule us in advance or call when you have an emergency.

Our Network Support experts are available to you in person, over the phone, or via remote login to:

  • Accurately and efficiently diagnose and resolve problems
  • Perform routine maintenance and support
  • Configure hardware and software
  • Provide helpdesk support services

Benefit from CyBerJaz Network Support solutions according to the size of your IT team: